Transparency: The goal is to be as clear and open with all possible information to gain the trust of possible miners and developers. If anything seems shifty or missing, contact us right away. The sole purpose is to figure out a way to get internet data into the blockchain in a trustless yet reliable manner. Right now this entire project has been built by me, Austin Griffith M.S. E.E., a software engineer living in Fort Collins, Colorado. I used the pronoun “we” a lot in this writeup because I don’t want to go through and change it all once a few more people join the project and start contributing. But so far, your narrator has been this jabronie:


One day soon, I hope to edit this page and start talking about a growing developer base instead of just me. If you have any input or interest in growing decentralized oracles, contact me!

Please contact me about anything; let’s get a dialog about Concurrence started!