We are trying to build a very simple system of contracts on-chain that is generic enough to work for many use cases. The on-chain assets shouldn’t change nearly as much as all the off-chain code that will evolve to meet developer needs.

It’s good to talk about what we are not trying to accomplish yet.

Privacy: We are not looking at privacy in any way, for now. Everything within the realm of Concurrence is 100% public. If you spend the token to get the current price of corn on the blockchain, that transaction along with the actual price of corn is available on the blockchain for everyone.

Generalization: Miners should be written to handle only the protocols they are confident will produce a correct concurrence. It should be understood that any account can add any request with any protocol and miners will be expected to navigate those muddy waters.

Security: This fleet of contracts, and the code written to interact with it, is not ready for prime time. There are probably major issues in the code base. Please! Help us improve the platform.