Other Oracles

There are a handful of extremely interesting projects in this space.

Number one on the list is ChainLink. These guys have a tremendous amount of momentum. ChainLink is a complex system of data providers and data proxies that is tightly coupled with financial organizations and big name research organizations. We are very excited to see their work go live because Sergey Nazarov is really swinging for the fences.

Another awesome oracle project that has been around for a while that might be getting on the decentralized bandwagon is RealityKeys. Every good project needs a champion to drive it and Edmund Edgar is doing a great job with this one. Hit them up in their gitter channel.

Delphi is also similar to Concurrence in terms of long term goals. We even named our oracle Pyth.io for a while before we saw their publications. We both hope to build a generalized system for getting decentralized oracle data into the Ethereum blockchain. Everything we do is open source, hopefully our projects will work to enrich each other.

Oraclize is probably the most well known oracle service. There’s a good chance they will look to move to a decentralized model soon. Here is a nice little example of how to use Oraclize to fetch the price of Ethereum.

There are also a bunch of good projects working in the prediction market space. This is similar to decentralized oracles because they require a network of clients to verify events. Most notably, Augur and Gnosis.

Recently, Roman Brodetski published a good article about decentralized oracles.

The FundRequest team built out and wrote about their own oracle system here. They hinted at making the system more generic and decentralized which is exactly the goal Concurrence.

Kendrick Tan did a nice writeup on building Oracles in Ethereum.

Here is a good article about different iterations of building an oracle.

The Truthcoin Whitepaper is another old writeup that laid the ground work for decentralized oracles.

Zap.store looks like another project in this space?

blockoneiq provides some off-chain data to the blockchain.

Many smaller projects are emerging that are also helping to enrich the space. For example, tinyoracle is a great little example project for building a baseline oracle.

All projects in this space will work to enrich the value and accuracy by providing more and more disparate sources for off-chain content. In the end, the best way to build an on-chain consensus will be to use a combination of these networks.

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